What’s New In Garena Free Fire Patch Updates

By | June 2, 2020
Free Fire Patch
Free Fire Patch

About Free Fire

Free Fire is the modern and future stick Battlegrounds Mobile Game. Its have a unique character system. Garena Free Fire is the world’s most popular mobile battle royale game, will launch its latest patch updates on June 3, 2020.

New In Free Fire June 3, 2020 Patch Updates

Free Fire Getting major updates every month

  1. New character Wolfrahh and Clu
  2. New Pet Falco
  3. Anti-Hack Play Fair
  4. Extend Two Emote Slots

Ability Of New Character


With every additional observer or kill, damage taken from headshots decrease, and damage dealt to enemy limbs increase.

New Character video


Clu is the new upcoming character in Free Fire. It has a unique ability. It’s shown to enemy location when an enemy does not prone in 35 meter.

New Pet Falco

Falco is a new pet that will be added to the Free Fire Store. It increases the gliding speed upon skydive and diving speed after the parachute opens.

Anti-Hack Play Fair

 April 8 new patch, anti-hack detection system sounded the alarm due to a rapid increase of hack users. In this updates Garena free fire getting more improvement Hacker or Script Users. That’s help to #PlayFair.

Extend Two Emote Slots

In This June 3, 2020 Patch Updates you can add two more Emote .

So, this is most important update in game because of Anti-Hack And Play Fair.

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